View Full Version : SKS/AK-MAK website operational again!

January 26, 1999, 05:44 PM
http://www.valuu.net/users/bailout/ or http://www.valuu.net/users/bailout/default.htm (which ever works best.) Anyway, it is back up and everything ready is working. If you haven't seen it yet, come on in and take a look. Even if you are not a big SKS or AK fan, there are some pretty good articles and some great music! (well, for MIDI anyway.) I am ALWAYS looking for any info on SKS and AK type rifles. No amount of info is too small. I am not selling anything and this is all a "home grown" website. Any info or stories you could send would be greatly appreciated...Bailout

January 26, 1999, 09:48 PM
What the heck are you talking about? Neither of those URL's work.

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