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January 15, 1999, 12:27 AM
im just wondering about the ammo .223.
the US designed M16a1 and a ammo for it.
then they designed the m16A2 and a ammo for it.
then what is the compatible ammo for
Galil, Mini-14, HK-53, etc.
pls. forgive my silly question.
but answer me pls.

January 15, 1999, 12:50 AM
i cant quote the numbers, but the jest of the idea is that the m16a1 had a barrel twist of about 1in12 which was marginal for anything heavier than 50gr. then came the idea of a body armor piercing 62 gr steel core and the new improved m16a2 had to have a twist that was more in the range of 1in7 or so. hence a diff bullet for each gun. what the hk93 or the others are using i have no idea. in the original gun mr stoner designd the marginaly stable bullet was important because it caused the greatest wound channel. in our kinder gentler times it is not appropriate to hurt our enemy thus we must have a clean pass through wound. we would not want to cause pain and suffering to the enemy, would we?

January 15, 1999, 09:46 PM
The rifling on the M16A2 had to be increased to stabilize the heavier bullet. SS109 ammunition will penetrate a steel pot helmet at 800 meters. Using 55 grain bullets in the M16A2 can cause the jacket to tear decreasing accuracy. Some civilian AR15 barrels use a 1 in 9 twist as a compromise. I don't know about the rifling of the Hk's.

January 20, 1999, 02:46 PM
The M16A1 has a 1:12 barrel and the ammo for it is the M193 55gr FMJ

The M16A2 has a 1:7 barrel and the ammo for it is the M855 or SS109 which is the "green tip penatrator" 62 gr FMJ

The reason for the green tip on the M855/SS109 ammo is so it can be iddentified by troops and not used in the A1 rifles, it is combat emergency only due to accuracy problems with the slower twist rate on the A1 barrel.

The newer Mini-14's I believe have a 1:7 twist and the older ones have a 1:10 twist barrel. You can use either the M855/SS109 or the M193 ammo and it will stableize either but I would recommend the lighter 55 gr. ammo M193.

As for the rest I don't know the rifling but the M193 ammo will be stable in "almost" any twist.

Hope this helps.