View Full Version : Los Angeles PD Computerized shooting theater

Paul Fitz Jones
June 20, 2002, 12:43 PM
As an Officer and Consultant in Munitions systems I was invited in the Late 70's to the new Computerized shooting theater where the officers shot wax bullets at a scenario on a giant screen that recorded the hits and if their response, accuracy was within departmental guidelines. I stood at a line and in front of me on the screen I was walking down a srteet with my officer partner coming up to a bar when we hear shots fired and a man runs out firing at us while dodging around pedestrians and disappears into an alley after shooting my partner. I have to fire without hitting the pedestrians and when in the alley he pops out of a dumpster and shoots me. My heart is racing a mile a minute and I am sweating with my partner being killed and me being shot at and killed. There is a play back of me and where my shots hit and it is a horrific experience but great training. I set them up with a Star reloading machine to fire wax bullets under primer only power and my son and I were welcome to visit thery any time.