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December 21, 1998, 10:44 AM
Has anyone had experience with the Armalite AR-10? Carbine or full sized? How is reliability on this piece? Has anyone converted the M-14 magazines themselves? How did it work?

4V50 Gary
December 22, 1998, 12:28 AM
Check out last month's American Rifleman. There was a writeup on carbine sized .308 rifles including the FAL, Springfield's M1A, Stoner SR25 and the AR10.

December 22, 1998, 01:57 PM
Chuck, I already posted this somewhere else, but forgot where.

I was helping out as range officer at a sniper course, and one of the students had a standard AR-10. It shot extremely well, and would consistently shoot sub minute groups with the 168 gr. Federal and the Black Hills moly match bullets. Once, again, this was not the match model, but the standard model. I shot it, and it performed very, very well.

January 9, 1999, 08:15 PM
CHUCK, this is oneshotbullseye, I am builing an armalite .308 24" brl., 7rnd. mag. for nightshooting with my group. I am pleased with the performance of this rifle as a daytime pin pusher, but as with all firearms that I have, and have had, care must be used in observing all parts disassembled to check for burrs that should not be there. I do not know about out-of-box shooting performance, but after I clean off all edges I do not like, a clean rifle shoots extremely well. I have had no feed jams, even after throwing it in water and sand, unlike JAMMIN' JENNY, the M-16. Talk later, ONESHOT.