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Rob Pincus
January 3, 1999, 01:28 AM
The rifle is manufactured by Redick Arms Development (RAD). They have sold over 300 M91 rifles to the Navy and are currently building the 300 Win Mag version for near future replacement of the .308s.

RAD also builds a single shot breakdown lightwieght .50 BMG and a similar 7/round rotary magazine bolt .50.
In addition to the above which area vailable to civilians, they have developed a 45 inch bareled 14.5mm anti-material rifle for Mil/LEO use only.

The stats for the M91 are:
(NSNs: 1005-LL-L99 5442 and 1005-LL-L99 5443)

caliber: .308 (7.62 x 51mm NATO)
Action: Remington 700 Long
Capacity: 4 +1
Optics: Leupold 4.5mmx14mm Sniper Scope
OAL: 45"
Barrel: Match Grade 416R stainless with Recess Crown
Twist: 1 in 10" (6 groove, cut rifled)
Trigger: Remington 700 (navy spec 3 lb pull)
Stock: Kevlar and fiberglass (black)
Weight: 14 pounds (with optics and bipod)
Finish: Matte Black (corr resist per Mil-Spec 171-1)
Accuracy: .5 MOA
Case: Pelican Case included
MSRP: $5, 525

The Civilian version has a shorter barrel than the Navy version, that is the only difference between the civ R91 and the military. The New A2 300 WIn Mag version is available with a better scope for $6,175.


January 7, 1999, 01:07 AM
what does it look like?
do you have an URL/website for it?


Rob Pincus
January 7, 1999, 01:18 AM
Not to be a Smarty-pants, but it looks like a Remington bolt action with a heavy barrel and a scope on it.

I don't think RAD is on the internet, but I can fax you the B&W picture I have, it might come out okay, but it really just looks lke a matte finished Remington with a short Harris-type bipod and a shell pouch/cheek pad on the stock. The scope is mounted with the latest ARMS quick detachers, has target knobs and looks like a 40mm objective.

It's a No Frills, No gimmicks, K.I.S.S. Precision Shootin' Tool.