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January 4, 1999, 12:18 PM
I was reading in the newest issue of SAR that a company called Brugger & Thomet was offering a special Tactical version of the Scout with a black stock, 20" heavier 1:10 twist barrel with threaded muzzle for attachment of a suppressor. The weapon weighs 3.5 ozs heavier than a standard Scout. Other than these differences it is supposed to be the same weapon.
Went to their website but didn't find any particular info on this but they are distributors for and have links to several tactical weapons companies. Try www.brugger-thomet.com: [email protected]

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January 5, 1999, 04:31 PM
I guess my first question would be: What is the point??? At $2400 + gunsmithing + optics you are looking at something that can be replaced by a $1700 PIIK. I would much rather spend $2700 for the PII with a really good scope and then use the rest of the money for training and ammo.

January 6, 1999, 03:46 PM
I dont see the need to take a rifle, put on a heavy barrel and call it "Tactical".

I am getting sick of that word! Worse than the word "CYBER" for anything related to computers or the net.

And come to think of it "Custom" is much too over used as well.
It aint CUSTOM if it wasnt built JUST FOR YOU to YOUR specs. It may be Limited or something... or REALLY EXPENSIVE... but it aint CUSTOM.

There I said it.
How about a "Custom Tactical"? Sheesh. One of the attributes of a tactical piece is that it is EXPENDABLE. Disposable even. If it cost more than your son's car you need to wonder about it. It may be black - but is it really Tactical?
Maybe thats the difining quality... it being black.

Kinda like "sports cars". If your not willing to slide it 4 wheel drifting around a curve... or if it has AC and a V8 and power windows... Cost as much as a house... it aint a sports car either. If you think it is - you dont know what one is.

There I said it - Flame me all you want.

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Rob Pincus
January 6, 1999, 03:53 PM
Brother Kodiac,

I was with you all the way...

Custom should mean unique and tailor made.

Tactical should mean practical, perhaps with an aggressive edge.

But.. What is this business about power windows and sports cars?
There are some fine sports cars with PW, no?