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Shutoku Shia
January 6, 1999, 02:20 PM
There is a possibility of bringing Mr. Jim Crews of the renowned Marksmanship Enterprises to the San Francisco Bay area to teach classes at Chabot gun range in the months of July and August of 1999.

Currently, Mr. Marciano (email address at [email protected]) is planning to arrange anywhere from 1 to 4 classes on introductory, intermediate, and/or advanced classes on handgun/shotgun/carbine to be taught by Mr. Jim Crews. Expected schedule for the classes are sometime in the months of July and August of 1999. Each class will be a 3-day session and cost will be in the area of $300 to mid-$300 (depending on how many students sign up for each class).

If you are interested in taking Mr. Crews classes at Chabot Gun range during the time frame of July/August of 1999, please send email to Mr. Marciano at [email protected], indicating what kind of classes you would be interested in (remember, the more people we get to sign up, the less it would cost for each student taking the class).

Website address for Chabot gun range is at:

Mr. Jim Crews website address is at:

Also, last but not the least, big thanks to the Webmaster Mr. Lucibella and moderator Mykl for allowing this post on The Firing Line.

Thank you.

Shutoku Shia
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