View Full Version : Grip Screw Dimensions....

June 18, 2002, 11:00 PM
I was measuring grip screw dimensions on one of my pistols and decided I might as well do them all(at least of those that use grip screws).

Here are the pistols' screws that were measured. Anyone that wants the dimensions, drop me a PM and I'll email the list.

Ruger P-series(specifically a KP94), Ruger Mk512, Bersa Thunder380, Tanfoglio Witness Compact, CZ40B, Taurus model 94, Taurus PT940, Taurus PT58, Sig P229 and Beretta Cougar 8045.

Actually, the Taurus and Beretta semi's use basically the same grip screws. the exception is that some of the Taurus PT-series does not use grip screw bushings. They can be retro fitted by ordering from Taurus the required bushings. I know this can be performed, as I have done so with a PT940 and used the Hogue hex screws in hard chrome. Looked good with the stainless Taurus.