View Full Version : Varmit Barrel fro my 300 Win Mag

December 24, 1998, 12:18 AM
I'm looking for a varmit barrel for my Rem 700 300 Win Mag?? Anyone out there know where i can get one?? Yes I know i could call Remington==but have you tried to get them to answer you calls or e-mails

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Doc Lisenby
December 24, 1998, 10:43 AM
Jimbo, how about a putting a barrel from one of the custom barrel makers (Hart, Shilen, Lilja, K&P, Obermeyer, Blackstar and several others) I and a varmint shooting buddy have tried Hart, Shilen, Lilja and Obermeyer and they were all satisfactory for varmints and 1000 yd competition. I haven't got a "hummer" yet (a barrel which will do everything right) but hell I can't either. I just built a customer a 300 Win Mag competition rifle on a 40X rec'vr, factory barrel, McMillan stock and it will shoot in the point fours and with a little work on the load, I expect point twos. Most of these barrel makers are on the net and a few benchrest gunsmiths are on it also. They usually have a few barrels on hand and can chamber and "tweak" the rifle up for max accuracy. E-mail me and I'll help you get in touch with them or the barrel makers or just steer you in the right direction. Nodlaig mhaith chugnat! (Irish for Merry Christmas) Doc