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December 19, 1998, 11:08 AM
If anyone has been following the SW tableau, they are up and running. The belt feed is special order some production is underway. See www.specialweaponsllc.com for some currently under $1000 HK style weapons. Price rises Jan 1.

December 19, 1998, 04:02 PM

Heretofore unaware of this company, until I checked the site based on your post. Do you know this guy personally? I was singularly underwhelmed with his site, as it does not give the sense of competent, professional (1st paragraph on homepage & errors throughout) business management. Can you fill in some of the blanks for those of us that emulate mushrooms?

Rob Pincus
December 19, 1998, 05:12 PM
I've been following these things from afar for awhile. When I first heard about them, they were available for $595. Personally, I'm not going to order one (if I do) until it is a cash&carry situation.

My observations concur with Mykl's. I'll even add this. I contacted SW directly to find out if they would have product ready for SHOT Show and what their booth # was going to be. They sent a very short Email to me that said:
"Nope. Too busy"

I find it hard to believe they could possibly be "too busy" for the biggest trade show in the industry, if they really have a viable product. So far, I am not very excited about these guns, though I do like the idea of a cheaper, american made HK clone.


December 20, 1998, 09:21 AM
No I don't know anyone there. Just been following the situation since last summer when they first announced. They got their BATF approvals rather quickly. That made quite a few people suspicious right off. Then there were prototype delays followed by production delays etc. I first heard about SW on either Bowers or IFD. As I recall, there was some question about the legality of the receiver, being made in Mexico was it not subject to the import ban or because Mexico is part of NAFTA is the receiver legal? The deposit requirment also made many suspicious. One half down payment on something that didn't even exist at the time was bringing out all sorts of theories; con game, no start-up money, no production money, etc. People didn't want their money used on speculation. Right or wrong this guy has gone through some serious flaming on all the boards and now I guess it's payback time, that's why he prefaced the page the way he did is my guess.

December 23, 1998, 07:28 PM
Softair makes the best HK Clones I have ever seen...
Good for CQB training.

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