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Daren Thompson
December 8, 1998, 07:39 PM
Could you legally take a post-ban AR-15 register it in the NFA as a short barreled rifle, pay the tax, and have pre-ban feature, flash hidder, telescoping stock,ect.


Rob Pincus
December 9, 1998, 12:58 AM
yes, I am in the middle of doing just that with an Oly post ban receiver.

I am building a 8 inch barreled collapsible stock flat-top with a bushnell Holosite.


December 9, 1998, 07:38 PM
What does it take to do this and how much does it cost? Is it the same proses as the license for a full auto? It sounds cheaper than paying for a preban. KJE

Daren Thompson
December 9, 1998, 07:39 PM
Could U do this with a barrel longer than 16 inches and have pre-ban features?

Rob Pincus
December 9, 1998, 07:50 PM

I tried to respond to your Email, but I got a failure notice. here is the response I tried to send:

Get the proper forms, either online or from the ATF themselves. Waht you
want is the form the manufacture an NFA weapon. Your best bet is to find a
class III dealer/manufacturer to help you with this.
You will need to fill out the forms, including the propsed barrel length,
etc., and get a local ranking LEO to approve you. you will need a couple of
passport type photos and two fingerprint cards.

Then you'll send the packet in ( with $200) and wait for approval.AFTER you
get approval and the appropriate tax stamp, you buy the short barrel and any
other parts and bingo, you have yourself an SBR.

Remeber that the AR reciever in question will forever be an NFA weapon, you
will not be able to simply put a long barrel on it and treat it like a
regular rifle. SBRs are illegal in some states and municipalities, even
though they are legal under the process described above under federal law.
You cannot transport an NFA weapon across state lines without the prior
approval of the ATF and it will be a good idea to have copies of your
paperwork even when you transport within your state.

It is a real hassle. You really have to want this gun to go through it.

Good Luck

I do not know if you can use the same process to make an SBR with a long barrel. Either way it would still NOT be the same as a pre-ban....it would exist under much stricter controls.

If you just want a pre-ban, pay the price.