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Mike Baugh
December 4, 1998, 08:41 PM
I am thinking about having the bolt carrier and bolt in my AR 15 hardchromed . I am looking for smoother functioning and easier cleaning . Is this worth the investment , and if so who would you have do it . Thanks , Mike...

Jeff White
December 5, 1998, 12:02 PM
Your bolt carrier is probably already hard chromed. Unless you have out of spec parts from a less then reputable supplier, the bolt carrier is chromed and phosphated over on early ones and just the interior on later ones. If you look inside your carrier (where the bolt rides) you'll see the chrome (no phosphate there). According to the latest Army TM carries with chome plated exteriors are acceptable only for non deployable units. It's a matter of camouflage (no shiney silver bolt carrier showing when the dust cover is open). These changes were made in about 1967.

Mike Baugh
December 5, 1998, 12:10 PM
Jeff , Thanks for the reply . My gun is a new H-BAR II Colt , the interior of the carrier looks chromed but I have been seeing a lot of aftermarket hardchromed bolts and carriers and I thought if I had the whole unit hardchromed it might clean easier and function smoother [I have had no problems with the functioning but I am a chronic tinkerer]. Thanks , Mike...

December 8, 1998, 05:41 PM
Check the Bushmaster web site.
They dont recomend hard chroming the bolt carrier for some reason...
But I forgot why...

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