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Al in Md.
June 16, 2002, 10:09 PM
I presently own four shootguns, 2ea. 870 Police, 1ea. 1187 Police, and 1ea. FN Police (anyone notice a pattern?) The FN is currently my HD shooty and sat this session out. This is the first time these Remmys have been shot. Per advice from Dave McC and others I loaded up on Wally World Federal 100 packs of 71/2, 11/8 oz. 3 Dram ammo. This is a cost effective way to send rounds thru the tube for function testing and self training without breaking the Bank. I also had a good supply of 00 full power and tactical reduced recoil loads and a few full power slugs. I was not able to pattern at HD distances due to the fact that my shooting club does not allow shotguns on the pistol range and the closest target stand on the rifle range is 50 yds. This was then a function and familarization drill. Both 870's ate everything thrown into the mags and operated smoothly without even a hint of a malfuntion. The 1187P choked on the the 71/2 load (as expected) and the gas system was noticebly sluggish. I was suprised that it also funtioned without a hitch on the reduced recoil tacticle fodder. A brief session with full power slugs wound things up. Probably put 150 rds. total down range between the three guns. I was pleasently suprised at the amount of recoil reduction given identical loads with 1187 gas system. I find the 3in Mag Slugs downright uncomfortable on the shoulder with the 870's. I really enjoyed this range session and hope to repeat in the near future. I will have to solve the patterning delema by building a target stand to place at realistic HD distances and hold a gun vs. gun competition to determine which shotgun gets the coveted " Protector of the Family" position next to the bed. Al in Md.

Dave McC
June 17, 2002, 06:02 AM
Good work, Al. Remington says the 11-87 Police is supposed to work only with heavier loads, I bet the thing will work better (if not 100%) after a few hundred rounds through it.

A coupla things...

3" slugs do little the shorter ones won't, except for running through your ammo budget fast. Most shotguns are more accurate with the shorter slugs.

Also, for bench work, a wearable recoil pad like the PAST job makes the kick much easier on the anatomy.

And clay games of any kind will aid your handling and familiarization, as well as turning intom the kind of shotgunner who can hit a 4" disc moving at 35-30 MPH most of the time. If you can do that, centerpunching a perp with a load at HD ranges is a given.

HTH, and I like your comment on Md's %^&*() gun laws....

Al in Md.
June 17, 2002, 05:52 PM
Dave thanks for the comments, I did learn that the tacticle reload drill on the 1187 is more complex then I envisioned. If I shoot the gun dry (Slide lock) I have to throw a fresh round into the the ejection port, trip the release (bolt goes to battery) then load the mag. If there is a better way please advise. Even though I have the extended mag tube I need to become better at this drill. Something to be said for the simplicity of the 870. I was a little partial to the Semi-Auto shotgun due to the fact I am an M1 Garand fan. However the mission here is to find the best tool for HD ignoring action type, looks, or favorites. This is pure function and must be a good blend of gun and shooter. Your advice of practice of different drills plus the clay busting would help me to become "one with the gun" i.e not having to think about each step just run on instinct. Clay sports are available at my range and I will be trying that soon. Al in Md

June 17, 2002, 08:27 PM
You MD guys ought to come up to PA for one of K80Geoff's pumpgun shoots.
He is trying to organize a couple in Quakertown PA that should be a hoot.
Keep yer eyes peeled for info in the Lock and Load forum.

Andrew Wyatt
June 17, 2002, 10:31 PM
FYI the reduced recoil ammunition is still a full power load, but the design of the wad and the type of powder work together to reduce recoil.

Dave McC
June 18, 2002, 05:05 AM
Al, I've little experience with the Rem autos, but have seen folks at Practical matches use the loading technique you mention.

IMO, the trick is to not run empty, shoot one load one if at all possible. I note that might not be easy under duress, so train, train train...

Also, for HD, if you open up on perps with any firearm, chances are they'll be trying to leave rather than returning fire. While criminals run on the very stupid end of the intelligence spectrum, even the most veritable dolt gets that message.

As for mixing types of shotguns, you might want to look over a recent thread about brand loyalty. There's food for thought...

Mike, one of these days I will, but with Wife not working, my work week runs 55-60 hrs, and discretionary income t'is but a fading memory. This is temporary, when things improve I'd love to attend.

Andrew, you might want to chrono some R/R loads before calling them full power. Most run a bit slower and/or with a lighter payload.....