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Edmund Rowe
November 27, 1998, 11:13 PM
I had the wonderful opportunity to spend most of the past 2 days doing some precision rifle shooting/zeroing with my AR-10. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving!

I was on uneven ground and believe some rifle canting complicated my zeroing and accuracy.

My shooting partner had a spirit level mounted on his Leupold scope. This ingenious little widget clamps around the scope tube and folds up visible over the tall target style 1/4 MOA elevation knob. No more guessing, no more SWAGs, just glance up and you know if you're level or not!

I gave it a close look but no brand name.

Anyone know who sells these, and other comments on their use?


Doc Lisenby
November 28, 1998, 12:23 PM
Ed, Mac Tarlton is the President of Scoplevel at 151 H Lindbergh Ave. Livermore, CA 94550 and his number is 510 449 5052, FAX 510 373 0861. He is a nice guy and can answer any of your questions. Some people cant their rifles when they shoot and everything is cool if they cant it the same everytime but that is practically impossible. This device prevents cant if it is installed correctly and used correctly. It may help you get over the canting habit if nothing else. Good Luck! Doc

4V50 Gary
November 28, 1998, 09:56 PM

Brownells (1-516-623-4000) sells Scoplevels as follows:

Cat # Size price
782-100-100 1" 22.95
782-100-030 30mm 39.95

Why the 30mm costs more than the 1" escapes me. Be careful with it. The Chandler Bros (Iron Brigade Armory) like the concept, but don't care for its plastic construction and questions its durability under combat conditions.

MWG makes a level out aluminum which also attaches to the scope body. It looks like a scope ring with a glass level attched to it. You even have a choice of colours: black or silver. It doesn't raise up to use and you're suppose to use your non-sighting eye with it. It is probably more durable.

Cat# Size Cost

556-200-100 1" black 26.95
556-200-101 1" silver 26.95
556-200-030 30mm black 27.95
556-200-031 30mm silver 27.95

This posting is not a paid advertisement. I'm just providing you information and this posting constitutes neither an endorsement of any product by myself nor TheFiringLine. Further, I don't have any personal interest (conflict of interest statement) in providing you this information. Consult with your local gunsmith for independent verification. :)