View Full Version : Steyr SSG PIIK

November 18, 1998, 01:35 PM
Anyone have experience with the Steyr SSG P11K? Seems like the distributor has lowered the prices on them and they seem like a pretty good buy. I've read great reviews about the SSGs most mentioning that they are 3/4 to 1/2 MOA.

November 19, 1998, 10:33 AM
It is definitely capable of sub MOA. The model I tested was a PIV, which has a shorter barrel than the PII, so I would have to guess that the PII might have slightly tighter groups even.

I always wanted one, but the price pushed me towards a Rem. 700, with the extra savings going to some custom work and a scope. However, if you can get a Steyr at a good price, definitely go for it.

I didn't have a chance to test it's cold shot capability over a long term.