View Full Version : Indy Mini GSSF Shoot - What a blast!

June 15, 2002, 11:29 AM
For all you locals that didn't go to today's match at Popguns you really missed it. This is the perfect competition for newbies and amatures, like me. The course of fire was slightly modified since Pop's range is only 50' long. The courses of fire use an NRA "D-1" target and were as follows:

D-1 10 Rounds 12 Feet 15 Seconds

D-1 10 Rounds 25 Feet 15 Seconds

D-1 10 Rounds 35 Feet* 15 Seconds

D-1 10 Rounds 50 Feet* 30 Seconds

D-1 5 Rounds 25 Feet 15 Seconds

D-1 5 Rounds 50 Feet 15 Seconds

* The 35 Feet course of Fire is normally 50 Feet and the 50 Feet course of fire is normally 75 Feet.

Now you still have a chance to join in. You only have to shoot in two out of the three matches to place. The next match is on Saturday July 13th and the third is on Saturday August 10th.

Also don't miss Big Shoot - The Hoosier Classic VI June 29 $ 30 at Eagle Creek Park Pistol Range in Indianapolis.

See ya all at all of these events!