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Rob Pincus
November 12, 1998, 08:14 PM
WEll, I am love. This gun performed excellently.
For those of you who have been following this saga, you know I left for Texas with a rifle, one barrel, one cheap scope and no rings... Luckily, the other barrel, the rings, and a couple of good scopes caught up with me. I headed down to the Range with my wife and we proceeded to sight in both barrels. The 308 was only a few inches off from the get go, but the 7mm was WAYYYY off. I had to take off the bolt and use the old "look down the bore at the target" method to get the cope in the right area code. Even with the slow start, A nickel covered two 308 holes within an inch of the aiming point at 100 yards, and simlar two shot group was two and a half inches high at 100 yards with the 7mm Mag. Now the real test. We took both barrels off and back on, one shot from each joined the other two corresponding shots. The barrels truly went back to zero. Great!

My wife's first shot at a buck missed. It was a 300+ yard shot with the .308. We asked her afterwards where the crosshairs were and she said, "right on the deer".. okay.. back to rifle ballistics 101 and we were ready to go (Did I mention this was her first deer hunt? but, she's hell with a shotgun!. Her second try was a doe at about 60 yards, in behind the shoulder, through the heart, out between tyhe ribs on the other side. Perfect. The SilverTip had destroyted the top third of the heart. She was thrilled, that was her first "Mammal" it was a 4 year old doe, dressed it wieghed in at almost 100 lbs.

Shot number three for her came when I was out looking for Wild Hogs ( I decided to for go the deer hunting this trip for the Hog Fest, but the guide told me it was a front quartering shot at about 150 yards. I saw the results, just inside the Buck's right shoulder, through the lungs and a big .308 silver tip exit wound about halfway back on the deer's Rib Cage. It was her first Buck, A B&C 12X typical 8 point dressed at about 140lbs. It was over 5 years old.

WE figured that was enough .308 and we mounted the Magnum Barrel, and changed the mag insert and the Bolt Face. The bolt face took some figuring out (god fobid I use instructions without at TRYING..), but after a quick glance at the manual I found out that it takes about 30 seconds. on pin (which CAn't fall out ;)) push and the od bolt face pops out, then slip another one in, push the pin back down and you're in business.
We loaned the Rifle to another guy in our group and he nailed a doe at about 160 yards. The same 150 gr. Silvertip did a lot more damge when launched from the magnum case, absolutey destroyed the shoulder and exited right behind it. It was a frontal shot, but we found the lungs and heart lacerated with bone fragments, the deer never took a step.

Over all, I must say that the Blaser R-93 performed as promised. I can see it being worth the price tag. I'm actually going to use it myself on some game later this season, and I'll be trying out the straight pull bolt action with rapid fire at the range soon!

November 13, 1998, 02:29 AM
Glad to hear it!

Ok so now tell us about this elusive price tag? ;)

Oh yeah...can I borrow it? :D


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