View Full Version : Armalite M4C carbine

Mike G
November 1, 1998, 07:14 AM
I have an Armalite M4C carbine with a recoil check ,permanently attached, from the factory. I like the gun, it is well made and a very handy length. The problem is, woe be to you if you shoot it without hearing protection! The design of the recoil check not only directs gas back , it also directs the noise back and it is unbearable. I was wondering if there is any other designs out there that I could have put on to keep it legal (16'') or if it would be feasable to have the bore of the recoil check openned up to make it less effective without destroying accuracy

Jeff White
November 6, 1998, 08:48 PM
You might try the Smiths Compensator or one of the others that the Government has decided is legal on a post ban weapon. I don't know how the "recoil check' is attached so it may be a chore to remove.

You might check with Rick McDowell at Competition Specialties in Iowa. [email protected]

He does a lot with Armalites.