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Rich Lucibella
November 4, 1998, 11:52 AM
I took this weapon in on as collateral for a loan....about a hundred years ago. Never fired it and only started examining it when the urge stuck me to redo this and a Valmet bullpup with some necessities for urban carbine.

I've heard good and bad about this Italian made AR clone....the bad mostly coming from mix and match kits. Any input is appreciated.
Rich Lucibella

November 4, 1998, 12:50 PM
I thought I read somewhere that PWA was out of business.

Rob Pincus
November 4, 1998, 12:59 PM
Seems like they changed hands a time or two and may be completely gone by now.

I was trying to trade a guy for pre-ban PWA rifle about a month ago. I don't know how much you have into it, Rich. But I think the PWAs are the cheapest pre-bans going. I've heard the same thing you have about mis-matches, etc. I haven't heard a complaint about the actual parts being bad.

Jeff White
November 4, 1998, 02:38 PM
You've got yourself a good preban rifle. In the current market, it's probably worth $800 or so. If it doesn't function well standad Colt, Bushmaster, DPMS, or Armalite parts should fit. If you can verify it was in pre-ban configuration prior to 13 Sep 94 you can use the lower receiver to build up any preban configuration you desire. M4 clones are currently the rage amoung AR shooters/collectors.

PWA is out of business. IIRC their receivers were cast not forged.