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June 13, 2002, 08:00 AM
and I want one.

In the back of the last(?) issue was an advertisment for Paliden Press. At the top of the ad were books by Louis Awerbuck. One picture shows Mr Awerbuck with a shotgun... looks to be a Benelli or Beretta.

The shotgun has a bolt handle that comes out of the bolt and then up towards the top of the weapon. :cool:

Any Idea 1) Who makes it, 2) will it work on a Beretta 1201?

May 19, 2004, 07:11 PM

I too have been looking for that bolt handle.

I was under the impression that the gun was a Wilson/SGT. I even wrote Awerbuck to ask. No answer.

Yost-Bonitz Custom makes one. Below is their answer to my questions:

The handle is available separately. The price is $45 plus exchange. We build them on the factory part because they are better than the aftermarket pieces.

The only one that I have right now is on that fits either the 1100 or the 11-87, it will work just fine in your 11-87.

If you would like to purchase it, please send $45 + $5 S&H, along with the old handle, to:

Yost-Bonitz Custom, LLC
2118 East 5th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281





At 11:33 AM 5/6/2004, you wrote:


Is your 11-87 Bolt handle available separately, or only as part of a complete gun?

Schmitt, I hope this helps.