View Full Version : Winchester SX1 vs SX2?

June 12, 2002, 08:31 PM
What are the differences in these two models?:confused:

June 12, 2002, 10:07 PM
SXII comes with a rubber stock and ghost rings.

June 13, 2002, 09:53 AM
I'm afraid comparing the SX-1 against the SX-2 is like comparing "apples & oranges".
The SX-2 is a basic Browning Gold copy with small differences in action parts.
It is made of aluminum alloy and even has nylon parts. The SX-1 is a completely
machined steel gun. All parts, including the trigger parts, are machined from solid steel.
It was very expensive to do so, and Winchetser consequently had to stop producing
them. It was one of the most costly projects in it's history.

No manufacturer can produce them today without looking at a $3000 price tag per gun.
The tooling expense and machining expense, the CAD expense, and assembly work would
just run the numbers up in a hurry.

One thing is for sure.....the Super X Model 1 is the best built gas autoloader in the world
today. It has durability, dependability, pointability, and is easy to maintain. With the current
upgraded parts available for the SX-1, it is by far the most superior gas autoloader on
the market. Just get a hold of one and look at it's design and manufacture.

Check out my web page at: www.rjbsuperx1.com
It might answer other questions & concerns you might have.

Bob Baumgart;)

June 13, 2002, 11:37 AM
You nailed it with the description. Got a '74 model and Damn fine gun.

Have shot the sx2 the browning gold, nice but not in the same league.

IIRC , fellow designed sx1 did the gold, used ideas from both ( why re-invent the wheel)--originally did not want gasket in sx1- but boys in green used one (1100) so superiors had him put one in sx1.

Mine's a field mod, only change is choke tubes from Nu-line, competed in skeet for years, got rid of other shotties, never will get rid of the sx1--everything gun...beware the guy with one shotgun and knows how to shoot it....


nice site btw