View Full Version : Mausers sturdy enought for .308?

October 23, 1998, 08:11 PM
Gentlemen: I have acquired two different bolt-actions Mausers in the last few months. They are both chambered to accept a 7.62x51mm-sized cartridge. One of the rifles is a Steyr, believe it was called a 1912. The other rifle is an FR8.

The 2nd rifle is a very handy package, with a short barrel and flash supressor. I fired a few rounds to sight it in, and was very impressed. Since then, I have heard that these rifles may not be safe to fire with .308 or even 7.62x51mm. This would be a major disapointment to me, as I especially like the FR8. The forum's input would be appreciated.

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October 28, 1998, 05:58 PM
there is a faq at the rec.guns site on the FR-8 - it http://www.recguns.com
then click to FAQ then look under rifles, then under rifle reviews - non self loading.

as far as the styer - it should but have it checked by a smith for headspace, etc.

October 28, 1998, 10:26 PM

Nestor Rivera
October 29, 1998, 02:16 PM
I have an FR-8 alow it it works just fine with cavim .308 as well as my handloads, I use 110g Game King just so the recoil will be very light (I just shoot paper any way)