View Full Version : AR-15 belt feed conversion

Trapdoor Billy
October 21, 1998, 05:00 PM
Fella in local shop was asking if this can be done, owner said he saw something a few years ago out of somewhere in FL., but has not seen lately. I told them I would ask. Is there anything like this out there?


Rob Pincus
October 21, 1998, 05:05 PM
yes, It was demo'd at the most recent Knob Creek Shoot. Supposedly they worked the bugs out. I would've told you were to find info, but the NFA board I freqent is down right now. I'll keep looking. you might also check Small Arms Review Magazine

Trapdoor Billy
October 21, 1998, 05:23 PM
Thanks Rob, that was quick. If you board comes back up pass info on please. I'm on the horn to the shop now with mag. name.

October 22, 1998, 09:11 AM
Have you tried Vollmer yet?

Rob Pincus
October 22, 1998, 10:48 AM
yeah, but I have some guys I talk with at TB's, anybody know what happened to his board?

October 22, 1998, 10:55 AM
The Army had a few belt fed 16's but they all ended up trashed... I believe they were for APC crewmen. Since the adoption of the M-249 and the APC GUN PORT version of the 16, the belt fed model was left behind as one of the many ODDITIES out there. Kinda like the F-20 TigerShark. Okay, maybe not - the F-20 was actually a fantastic plane, just nobody ever bought one. But it is an example of an oddity. Wait... What was I talking about?

October 23, 1998, 09:41 AM
TB's board is back up.

October 28, 1998, 07:25 PM
Ares Defense manufacturing is producing one right now. You can't get pictures of it, because of patent reasons. I think they are supposed to come out begining of next year and cost around $1200-$1500 for the upper...

I think it takes minimi boxes.