View Full Version : July S.W.A.T. Now Available...

Rich Lucibella
June 12, 2002, 09:33 AM
Should be on the news stands any day. For a sneak preview: http://www.swatmagazine.com/current.htm

Personally, I think this is the best issue the Crew has put out to date. I couldn't be more proud! Cudos to Denny, Dennis, Kathy, Usen and the entire Editorial Staff. (Many thanks to Caeca for getting it up on the Web so quick!) The issue rocks!

June 12, 2002, 11:19 AM
I just renewed for another two years. Great articles.


June 12, 2002, 02:53 PM
Personally, I think this is the best issue the Crew has put out to date. Yup.

- Gabe

June 12, 2002, 03:29 PM
Pat Roger's article was very interesting.

Rob's review was great and honest.

Awerbuck's look at the M4 was priceless.

That is as far as I've gotten.

Great issue. I just got my notice that my subscription is running out. Time to re-up.

June 13, 2002, 08:19 AM
I just subscribed(which I've been meaning to do since the SHOT Show!). Before I look to buy a July issue off a newstand, will I get it as the first issue in my subscription?

Rich Lucibella
June 13, 2002, 10:08 AM
July is hitting the stands now. Your first issue will be September (There is no August).
Thanks for the support. We promise to give you your money's worth plus!

June 14, 2002, 09:14 PM
Thanks for the reply. I'll look forward to the magazine.

Bartholomew Roberts
June 16, 2002, 03:20 PM
I have to say, the July issue was great. Thanks for putting the special offer for TFL users up Rich. I originally got the subscription because I use TFL a lot and wanted to do a favor to give back a little; not because I thought I needed it.

As it turns out, the magazine has never failed to have plenty of really good information in it and the last three have been cover-to-cover good reads. I just got my renewal notice and plan on renewing for another 2 years.

Rich Lucibella
June 16, 2002, 10:56 PM
Thanks for trusting us when we stepped up to the plate last year. Thanks just as much for making week 52!

Nanaimo Barr
July 4, 2002, 10:14 PM
where in North Idaho might one find this publication to peruse a copy? alas it is not on the shelves at Wally World or our other (PC) newsstand...

Rich Lucibella
July 5, 2002, 11:07 AM
Unfortunately, distribution is controlled by Wholesalers. You'd think we would have a site where one could locate outlets by zip.....not so in publishing. (Though I really don't know why!)

You'll not find SWAT in WalMart....we're too "tactical" for their tastes. Barnes and Noble, Borders and other major sellers carry it. Call first. Short of that, there's always the Subscription alternative.

Denny Hansen
July 5, 2002, 12:18 PM
We also have a terrific new retailer program. You might ask your local gunshop to carry it. It would be a benefit to both the shop and its customers.


July 5, 2002, 12:53 PM
I'm with Bartholomew, one year later I'm in for another two. The issues just keep getting better and I read the thing cover-to-cover each month. I really look forward to each one.

Good job guys!

- Gabe

Jeff White
July 5, 2002, 03:06 PM
I know all about the distribution thing. I posted details of the Pat Rogers carbine manipulation article to the AR15 list and had to run out an buy a couple extra copies to mail to list members who were unable to find a copy where they live.

Jeff - renewing for two more years.

Rich Lucibella
July 5, 2002, 09:17 PM
There's much good news on the Distribution front. When we took over S.W.A.T, sellthru was less than 30%; in many locales it was under 10% (This means the wholesalers were trashing the mag before putting it out). This was not Denny's fault....content was excellent; just a lack of management attention.

Recent figures show a sellthru of just under 50% and >60% in many areas....that's called "walkin' on water" in the publishing business! The result is that outlets and wholesalers are really taking notice. Fair is Fair: they're in the business of moving copies, not just putting them out and picking them up.

With July we saw a significant distribution uptick. In October, we'll see a major one. This is a good thing and I think we have a chance of proving that honest gun magazines can be successful on the news stand.

Don Gwinn
July 6, 2002, 10:03 PM
Of all the places to find a decent gun magazine, Shopko carries SWAT in Springfield, IL. Barnes and Noble does not. You might try a Shopko if there's one near you.