View Full Version : Is anyone in the know with Remington out there?

October 22, 1998, 09:51 PM
I have a question for anyone who has inside knowledge concerning Remington rifles.

Why does the Model 7 synthetic stock stainless not have the aluminum pillar block bedding? I was considering purchasing one until I found out that it does not have that particular accuracy advantage.
I have read several articles on that model and while all liked it very well for hunting, accuracy was rather poor in all the articles.
On another note, does anyone know of a lightweight stainless steel/fiber stocked commercially produced rifle that does have an aluminum bedding block?
Or would I perhaps be better off buying a Model 7 and glass bedding it?

October 23, 1998, 07:28 AM
Gordon, this is speculative Only.

Except for the aluminum bedded stocks which are made by HS Precision, Remington manufactures its own synthetic stocks. It's cheaper to do in house, but I don't think Remington wants to buy that technology and its more cost effective to just have HS make the former. If Remington could do it cheaper (cost perspective), they would. Suggest that the next time you're in Ilion, drop into the factory for a free tour and ask.