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Rob Pincus
October 20, 1998, 11:15 PM
Okay, I was going through the gun room and I have this Ruger M77 chambered in .25-06 with a full length target barrel on it. The stock is orginial and beat to hell. I bought it about 6 years ago from a friend who got it from his dad or somehting and didn't want it.

What should I do with it? I lean towards the tactical and away from hunting rifles, the last thing I need is a long range hunting gun, so if you can come up with a cool use for this gun, let me know. No, Rich, "prize for next weeks contest" is not an option.... http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/smile.gif

October 21, 1998, 01:31 PM
It would make a great pri... Dang.

There was an article in one of the gun rags about a new stock that was built in two parts. An inner and outer stock that was supposed to increase your accuracy a good deal with no other modifications. I am interested to see if this really works as claimed - since the stock looks cool enough to get just for its looks alone. I forget what it was called or who made it... when I get home I'll look it up - maybe I gave that rag to my brother I dont remember. Some one else here probably knows what I'm talking about. I don't.

October 21, 1998, 01:45 PM
If it were mine, & I didn't want it in the conventional configuration, I'd drop it onto a bullpup rail with an electric trigger. Might just make a hellava counter-sniper gun which is more easily deployed from vehicles and other tight places.

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Rob Pincus
October 21, 1998, 02:02 PM
Okay, that sounds nifty, (I'm actually trying to trade it for a good suppressor...) BUT, give me some more info on what your are talking about mykl, electric trigger?

October 22, 1998, 09:08 AM
Sounds like Mykl is talking about a heavy unlimited benchrest rifle with a solenoid trigger. These things are wild. They can weigh up to 70 or 80 lbs. The action rides on rails and works so of like a recoilless rifle. For a Hollywood (full auto) version watch "The Jackal". He even has it rigged for remote control.

Rob Pincus
October 22, 1998, 10:49 AM
sounds like too much bucks for this project...anybody wanna trade?