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October 19, 1998, 02:16 PM
There is a company names Saxton that makes a high quality bolt action rifle...and the bolt is reversible...to left hand or right hand. The price is around $3000, and avalibility last I checked was one single shot in .308. It does come in .300 mag and is also availible with a 5 round detachable mag. But the only company I know of that was importing them has never seen one. I've kinda ruled out a Saxton...but I want to know if there are any other reversible bolt action rifles out there.
The reason is I am right handed, and my wife left handed...so this is a nice concept in a rifle for me =)

October 19, 1998, 05:33 PM
At anywhere near the $3000 you mentioned, it seems that you would be thousands ahead purchasing two rifles, one in right hand and one in left hand. Or at least a good excuse to get two rifles. Another alternative is a rifle that is not right or left handed. The Browning model 78 or the Ruger No.1 or even a break open single shot such as the Thompson Center Rifle. Food for thought.

October 19, 1998, 10:25 PM
been throu both contenders and #1's.
I will probly build another #1 soon just for the fun of it, but neither my wife or I like to hunt with a single shot, we like bolt actions. Yeah $3000 we could buy two rifles...but then, thats why I decided against the Saxton, and the fact all we could get is a single shot. But if Saxton is doing it, isnt someone else going to?

Rob Pincus
October 20, 1998, 12:09 AM
The Blaser is reversible.

October 20, 1998, 12:28 PM
Blaser? Really?

October 20, 1998, 12:28 PM
Sorry, double post.
I just got excited because I already love the Blaser rifles.

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