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Dave McC
November 12, 2000, 03:01 PM
The honeydew list was whittled down nicely, so I got to go to the range today(G). Since my deer 870 was zeroed already, I took the 30-30 and my HD 870. Slug of choice for this was the Rottweil Brenneke, but I have run low and since it's primarily a 00 shooter, no big thing. But since I have lots of the KOs, due to the low price, I figured to try them out.

Range was fairly crowded, since the hunter sight in was on. But, I got everything set up and settled in to re zero and try out the KOs. Since this shotgun weighs over 9 lbs with the SS loaded but the mag empty, I skipped the wearable recoil pad and got to work bare shouldered.

First, I tried a few at 25 yards, and they were hitting higher than the old slugs. Maybe 6 inches higher, in fact. So, I moved the sights and got it printing where it should, and then moved to a 50 yard target. A few sighters to fine tune the zero, and I set to work....

Results, cloverleafs. Two three shot groups were two holes. One for each group. So,for the first time in my experience, both of my slug shooters do well with the same slug. Huzzah!!

I think I'll pick up another 50 rounds of these, "Dicks"(aptly named)still has them on sale for $1.99/5 pack.No such thing as too much ammo.

A coupla things...

This doesn't mean these are intrinsically more accurate than other slugs, it means I got lucky. Another 870 set up identically may not keep them in the same Zip Code.

And, this particular piece has a clean 4 lb trigger.My 30-30 has about a 7 lb trigger (soon to be corrected), and shot groups roghly the same size at 50 yards.

Effectiveness on deer sized game is a given. All 12 ga slugs are excellent performers when inserted correctly.

Qquestions, comments, donations?

Al Thompson
November 12, 2000, 11:56 PM
Erick - mine (Dicks in Columbia, South Carolina) had the plastic base. Grouping was similar out of my 870.


Marko Kloos
November 13, 2000, 12:48 AM
Just be careful with the Brennekes....some folks don't realize that they have the grooves imparted on the slug, and aren't saboted. My boss went shooting with a box of Brennekes and his Hi-Standard 12ga. with 26" bird barrel with full choke...and came back from the shooting session with an 18" deer slug barrel. :) The Brenneke had split the barrel end and blown the choke out of the gun. Ouch...

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Dave McC
November 15, 2000, 10:32 AM
Erick, molded plastic bases, just like Giz's. I think the Rottweils are the only ones still using felt, might account for the higher price.

Lendringser, few shotguns other than old doubles will bust up on a solid slug, but it does happen.Open chokes give better accuracy,

The old Polychoke would sometimes bust a "Petal" off if either big buckshot or slugs were used when it was screwed down to full.

November 15, 2000, 10:31 PM
Columbia- is that near Waynesboro, Georgia? I'll be in Waynesboro to hunt with Spartacus starting next Monday. I know he works in SC...