View Full Version : Mossberg 835

November 12, 2000, 12:50 PM
I'm Looking for a Versitile Shot gun for Phesant, Goose, upland game birds I have always and learned on a Single shot 20 gauge.I'm sucessful, however I have never shot a Goose (DUH) My friend reccomends the Mossberg 835 Uni-Mag chambers up to 3.5" I also have a budget. AT $329 it is affordable. I have never heard bad things about a mossberg but I'm not an expert. I never have owned a pump or autoload shotgun before.

November 12, 2000, 05:25 PM
I have an 835 Ultimag I bought at Kmart for 299 a couple of years ago. It is the black synthetic with parkerized barrel. I think it is a fine gun for the money and use it mainly for quail and some skeet. It handles and swings well, has a ported barrel and accepts the mag loads.