View Full Version : Gun goes IN holster, but....

June 9, 2002, 05:32 PM
...will NOT come out when a draw is attempted.

I have a new(2 weeks old) 'Front Line' holster for my SIG P239.

This is an unlined leather holster from Israel. It is of the 'Askins Avenger' type and is heavily boned.

While my P239 goes IN easily, the holster REFUSES to release the weapon for a draw. I'm finding small amounts of leather apparently being shaved by the right forward edge of the ejection port. Yet, when I examine the holster, I can find nothing 'wrong'.

I'm not kidding. My P239 is all but IMPOSSIBLE to draw from the holster. Right now, I'd classify this holster as a Retention Level III/IV.


June 9, 2002, 05:53 PM
1. Holster in trash bin (do not put back in your cardboard box).

2. Call Milt Sparks.

Buy good gear, buy it in pairs or you could be prey.

June 9, 2002, 06:34 PM
Usual fix is to spray a coat of silicon inside the holster and work the gun in and out a few times. This will usually loosen it up.
It's not too unusual for a new holster to be a little too tight. Customers mostly complain about a holster that too loose, not too tight.

If this doesn't do it, repost and I'll give you instructions on how to remold the holster to fit your gun.

June 12, 2002, 07:20 PM
The sheer kind, nothing too thick. Insert the gun into the sock. Force it into holster and leave it set overnight or two. Should be good-to-go after the break-in.:)

June 13, 2002, 08:13 AM
Had a friend that got a Rosen ARG and immediately stuck his gun in it. Went in fine... he couldn't get it out. He had to push on the holster with his feet and hold his gun with his hands.

New holsters (good ones) require breakin. There are a couple ways to do this. You can get some "Lether Lightning" from Mitch Rosen which you apply to the inside of the holster. Then, using that you sit and watch TV while you insert and withdraw the gun. When you start to feel resistance on your draw, add more LL and continue. Eventually the draw will be easy but the firearm will still be held secure. Apply LL thereafter as needed.

Another way is to lube the inside of the holster then put a plastic baggie in it. Then insert the gun and leave it like that for 3 or so days. This usually stretches the leather a tad and allows for a smother draw.