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Dave McC
November 9, 2000, 06:57 AM
Some of us afflicted with the fine madness that comes with owning a variety of shotguns end up with odds and ends we don't need, won't make any money at selling, and that would otherwise sit in a drawer until the Last Trump. And, there's folks out there with their stuff also, and maybe a little barter can help us all out.

Due to equipment changes, upgrades, and error, I,and probably you, have some choke tubes no longer needed. In my case, I've TWO 20 ga Remchoke Skeet tubes, and a 12 ga Colonial extended Rifled tube, the kind that sticks out of the muzzle for a coupla inches.The Colonial uses a quarter(25 cent piece) as a wrench,and while it interchanges with some other system, I cannot recall which it is.

So, anyone need/want these? And, do you have any unwanted tubes that need a new home?....

November 11, 2000, 09:56 AM
What are you asking for the Rem Skeet Tubes?


Dave McC
November 11, 2000, 01:13 PM
I want to keep one, sorry my post was vague.
$5, or barter, whatcha got?