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November 6, 2000, 02:26 PM
I am about to order a magazine extension for my Remington 870 Express from Choate Machine and Tool. They offer their extensions in both a blued and a parkerized version. I just called them and asked this question:

Which extension best matches the finish on a Remington 870 Express?

The woman who answered the phone wasn't all that helpful. She kept asking the same question over and over--"Is the shotgun blued or parkerized?" And I kept explaining over and over, "It's not technically parkerized, but it's a duller, rougher finish than a normal blued gun." I finally gave up.

I'm wondering if any of you know which version would best match the finish on the 870 Express.

I may just have to order both and send one back, but that's going to cost me more shipping. I may call Choate again and see if I get a different rep with more sense. You'd think they'd be familiar with various shotguns since they sell so many accessories for them.

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November 6, 2000, 03:09 PM
This might not be much help, but I bought a blued model about 15 years ago, and it is a very dull blue finish, much more matte than the factory bluing on Wingmasters. I'm not real familiar with the Express finish, but at least I can tell you that my old Choate unit wasn't in a high polish blue.

Good luck.

November 9, 2000, 12:02 AM
Probably the parkerized.