View Full Version : Help a newby make a choice,,,,he could use it.

November 7, 2000, 08:11 AM
Hello guys,

I am a big hand gunner but have had my share of fun with shotguns. I am planning on doing some hunting in the near future and I am hoping you could give me a hand in making a choice based on the following specs.

I want to use this gun for:

1. Skeet

2. upland bird/waterfoul

3. deer


Is there such a shotgun that would work well for all of these specs or am I dreaming? What are some of the best values going out there, I cant afford to spend $1000 but wouldnt mind $500-$600 if there is a good value under that price I am all ears.

I prefer traditional wood, would like a semi but I realise they cost more.

So, do ya have anything for me or not?


Dave McC
November 7, 2000, 08:53 AM
Lots of choices and opinions, here's mine...

The Remington 870 Express can be obtained in a combo set, one 20" bbl with rifle sights for slugs or HD, and one 28" bbl for hunting and clays. The longer bbl is set up for the Remchoke system. I think this may run about $300, and will last a lot longer than we will. The 870 has an unmatched record for durability and reliability.

However, there's other options. Mossberg makes a combo available in the 500 series, and I'm sure that there's others.

Or, get an used 870 and buy the other bbl. Most of the mail order catalog companies like Cabela's have them.

Hope this helps...

November 8, 2000, 06:34 AM
I'm with Dave. Go with the 870.

November 8, 2000, 05:37 PM
The Remington 11-87 would be a good choice in a semi for waterfowl and skeet. A pump gun offers a little more challenge at skeet than an 11-87. For a beginning skeet shooter, it's easier to shoot the doubles with a semi.

As for deer hunting, an 11-87 will certainly do the job. There are aftermarket rifle sights that go onto the shotgun's rib or a saddle mount and a scope. An 11-87 and an aftermarket slug barrel would go over your price limit but it is another option.

November 8, 2000, 07:15 PM
Basically, any shotgun that will allow you to change barrels will do the jobs you are looking for. Most of the shotgun manufacturers sell that type of gun in semi and/or pump.

- Ron V.