View Full Version : S&W Auto Extraction Problem.

November 5, 2000, 11:57 PM
Just got to try out a Smith & Weeson 3 shot semi-auto shotgun that my grandpa gave me. My buddy and I were going to our annual post-Hallowen pumpkin shoot! It may seem silly but I've found pumpkins to be a fun target. :) While shooting my new 12 guage I found that the gun wasn't ejecting the spent casing. :( This forced me to rack the action by hand to eject the casing and get the next round ready to fire. Has anyone else had this problem with an auto shotgun? I was using 2 3/4" shells. Could it be that the gun uses 3" shells? Is it something that I can fix or should I take it to a gunsmith? any help would be Greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Dave McC
November 6, 2000, 07:19 AM
Do NOT use 3 inch shells in that S&W unless it is marked on the bbl to take them. To the best of my knowledge,there's lots of old S&Ws out there for 2 3/4" only.

First, give it a good cleaning. Second, take a look at your ammo. Very light loads sometimes will not function in semis, but something like 1 1/8 oz,3 1/4 dram Eq should.

If it's clean and you're using proper ammo, get it to a GOOD smith.