View Full Version : Trap & Skeet, differance in Guns ??

Chris D
November 2, 2000, 01:16 PM
What would be the differance in trap vs. skeet guns?

This Question is based on an Oven and Under shotgun.



November 2, 2000, 01:45 PM
One of the biggest differences is the way the guns are choked. In trap, you are shooting at rocks basically going away from you, so a tighter choke is used to get extra range. In skeet, the rocks are more crossing in front of you so a more open choke is used. Also, the rib on a trap gun may be higher at the rear, sloping down to the muzzle so that an elevation lead is built in when the rocks are coming up out of the traphouse, you put the rock right on top of the barrel and pull the trigger. Other than that, any gun that fits and handles well can be used for either game.

Chris D
November 2, 2000, 02:50 PM
So a skeet gun w/extra chokes would be better than a trap gun w/extra chokes?

And compansate for the rib lead, by my lead?

Sound right?

November 2, 2000, 03:16 PM
As noted a trap gun is more tightly choked and often shoots as much as a full pattern high. This allows shooters to keep the bird in view as opposed to covering the bird on a straight away. Trap guns often have higher stocks which permit a more head up shooting position which reduces fatigue and recoil affect during long competitions.

Skeet guns shoot a flatter and have shorter barrels for the faster crossing shots. The norm for skeet is 26-30" barrels, trap barrels run from 30 to 34 inches. The longer trap barrels allow for a smoother swing on long targets.

If you were to shoot both games and sporting clays you'd be better off with a 30" skeet gun and choke tubes. Most important is where the gun shoots and a high shooting gun while ideal for trap doesn't work as well in the other games.

Arizona Eric
November 4, 2000, 12:51 AM
Short, quick barrels for skeet, longer, smooth swinging barrels for trap. Skeet has falling targets, trap is a rising target, hence a difference in where a dedicated skeet gun and dedicated trap gun hits.

I use a field gun and shoot everything. Beware the man with one gun! ;)

Dave McC
November 4, 2000, 07:23 AM
Like the others said, choke, bbl length and POI are different. I'm no Local Legend at either Trap or Skeet, but I shoot OK and have fun using a GP shotgun for both.

Also, I could walk out into a bird field with a Skeet gun and do OK, assuming choke tubes and proper ammo. I doubt I could do that with a serious trap gun,unless that was the only shotgun I shot for quite a while. One can get used to anything....