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Al Thompson
October 27, 2000, 02:47 PM
Went to my local cop shop and holy cow, they have a slew of M37s in from a PD trade. They have the standard 4 shot riot guns, the extended tube M37s and one style that ended up on lay-a-way with my name on it. Don't have any idea what I'll use it for, but in another payday I'll own it.

The one I got is a M37 with a Raybar (IIRC for spelling) front sight (appears to be an upside down triangle to the shooter) with a 4 shot magazine. The rear sight is on the barrel and the wood appears new. The finish is still green with a few wear marks on the mag tube from working the action. Barrel length is 18 inches. The barrel is stamped "DS Special" - which I assume means "Deer Slayer". Any info would be appreciated..

The shop is in South Carolina, so if you'd like the number, let me know..


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Dave McC
October 28, 2000, 02:06 PM
IIRC, the DS bbl is tight from one end to the other, underbored as it were, and was the first dedicated slug bbl on the market. Should work fine for slugs and buck, and give tighter patterns with shot than a Cylinder bore.

Sounds like a good deal, enjoy...

October 28, 2000, 11:34 PM
I have one and they are sweet! If you dont mind me asking what did you give for it? I bought one back in the early 80's for $175 and it was the best money I've spent in awhile. Enjoy your new toy.

Al Thompson
October 29, 2000, 07:48 AM
Gopher - $229 + Tax. I strongly suspect I can get much more at a show. This place is pretty good about moving guns. When they get trade-ins they price'em low and move'em out. I got a couple of NRA Excellent grade M65 S&Ws for $219.00. So - don't think this is a true market price.


Dave McC
October 29, 2000, 08:17 AM
Volume is as important to a gun dealer as a car dealer, Giz. One shop up here doesn't have great prices on new stuff, but they do many police inventory turnins every year and the prices are good,since they have so many to sell. As the inventory diminishes, the prices climb.

Some early 90s prices...

18" Riot bbled,IC choke, 870, former Arlington PD cruiser gun in excellent shape for a turnin, $150. Now my deer 870.

Salvaged 870 reciever, from a tower gun at the Md Pen."Parkerized" and converted to 3".
$65, and $30 for each of the forend assy and a trigger group,w/ flextab.Roached wood from the Pen, free.

Model 64 S&W,4 inch bbl,VG condition, Pachmyer grips. $145.

I'm sure prices are a little higher now, but investigating whatever shop does the most police dept turnovers and checking the prices there may save you lots of money.

October 30, 2000, 01:24 AM
In our Dept. we were issued S&W 3000's (a total Xerox copy of the Remington 870). Our Dept. used Ithaca Model 37 DeerSlayers until the early 1980's ( 7 plus 1 shots with rifle sights). I bought one of these from our Police dept. for $50.00. Over the years I've shot Remington 870's, S&W 3000's and purchased a Winchester 1300 Defender and my son purchased a Mossberg 590A1.

All of these shotguns are very good, but I swear that the $50.00 Ithaca Deerslayer was the Best shotgun I've ever shot and/or owned. Go Figure!

Dave McC
October 31, 2000, 08:16 AM
Spoiled,cost has little to do with value, sometimes. You got lucky on that 37, and while there's other good shotguns out there, you've one of the best.

Again, for those that have some knowledge, police turnins are oft a bargain. The 870 that's now my dedicated deer gun was a turnin, and I bought it with a 18" bead sight bbl for $140 or 50, back around 1990.

Mike Irwin
October 31, 2000, 02:24 PM

I've got an S&W Model 3000 that I bought a couple of years ago for $175. Thing was in "as new" condition except for a bit of rack wear.

I'm pretty certin that these are made to metric standards, whereas the 870 is made to English measurements, but I may be wrong about that.

Smith & Wesson is dead to me.

If you want a Smith & Wesson, buy USED!

October 31, 2000, 02:58 PM
Dave McC, ...You can say that again. I read your post about Police Turn-ins (very good post). The truth about that silly Ithaca Deerslayer was that after I bought the gun from My Dept. for $50.00, I gave it to my brother who loves to go "Hog hunting" in South Florida, as a Christmas Gift( never shooting it myself.

About 12-13 years later he went with me to a Range to shoot shotguns, I had my new Winchester 1300 Defender. I really liked it too. I then tried that silly ol' Ithaca for the 1st time and loved it. I traded my Winchester for the Ithaca ( The "Indian Giver" that I am).

I've had the Ithaca refinished since and still take it to ranges. I guess the only drawback is that it's so light, it kicks very hard. It never bothers me, but friends who try it hate it (and call me names I never even heard of!). By the way, that S&W 3000 was a fine duty shotgun too, No complaints what-so-ever!

Dave McC
October 31, 2000, 06:58 PM
Md DOC tried using the 3000s as tower guns. They worked fine when new but didn't hold up as well as binding when dirty. This is no reflection on yours, Correctional weapons get incredible amounts of abuse,and neglect. Actually,I rather liked shooting the 3000.

As for 37s and recoil, that's the price one pays for the weight. Get the stock fitting just right,add the best pad you can find, and use good form,you'll do fine with it unless you are one of the "Gotta burn up 300 rounds today" ilk.

My guess is, JMB designed the shotgun as an upland gun, to be carried a lot and shot a little.

new guy
October 31, 2000, 09:27 PM
Hello there Gizmo, and congratulations on your new toy. I bought myself a well-used 37 for field use and like it so much I am now looking for one of those DSPS 37s myself. Alas, though where I live, we don't see too many police trade-ins. Anyhow, as you may or may not know, Ithaca has a pretty good website with a cool chart where you can find out your gun's year of manufacture. Check it out at www.ithacagun.com. (http://www.ithacagun.com.)

November 1, 2000, 02:18 AM
Thanks for the serial number list 'heads up' !

I am a big Ithaca 37 fan, just checked the serials of a couple of mine.
a 12 ga made in 1951, and a 20 ga made in 1955.
very cool to finally know the years of manufacture.

BTW, 37s kick whitetail butt in Indiana. :)

Dave McC
November 1, 2000, 07:18 AM
37s kick whitetail butt anyplace. A friend I hunted with for 20 years used one from start to finish, no mods, plenty of venison. He started out with his grandad's one, and bought a DS because he loved the old gun.

Oh, yes, he did add a pad. 1 oz slugs in the DS without a pad get your attention...