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June 4, 2002, 10:08 AM
My 7 month old son is now beginning to explore his surrounding VERY actively. I keep my chamber empty/tube full Mossy bedside and this needs to change.

I've done searches and asked the question in the past as well, but still don't have a viable solution that really sounds like a winner.

This is what I have so far. Please help me add to/edit these options. Pros/Cons. Money is tight on this one...:(

Option 1: no HD weapon. Lock them all up.
Option 2: use a lockbox for a pistol. Screw the shotgun.
Option 3: lock up shotgun in safe or wall closet
Option 4: lock up shotgun in quick access safe like V-line
Option 5: mount on wall brackets out of reach and worry about his conniving abilities at a later age
Option 6: mount on wall using quick access bracket that allows storage of loaded weapon.

Option 1: Not really an option for me. Otherwise, why bother having the stupid thing in the first place?

#2: Possible, but those lockboxes are really expensive. Besides, I prefer the 12 guage to a .45 ANY day (or night) of the week.

#3: Would really delay my access. Safe is currently in another room and this would require some rethinking of my closet. I'm moving soon, so this may become a possiblity in the new place.

#4 Just was quoted $199 for a small single shotgun push-button access V-line. Nice, but a bit out of my price range for now.

#5 Probably the cheapest option. Not a long-term solution but I do have the option of horiz. storage above a closet door or bed or vertical storage behind the closet door. This will only last as long as my son is not smart enough to explore upwards.

#6 MY TRUE IDEA OF AN ANSWER. I have yet to find a bracket system that will let me have near instant access to a Loaded shotgun that still allows kids to mess with it sans harm to kids or ceiling/floor.

I really need to find the best option SOON. If it comes down to having to shell out some bucks, I think I can convince my wife that it is a worthy expense. Trying to justify my pocket pistol purchase or a reloading bench won't work. However, if it is "for the kids" then I might be able to swing it.

Comments appreciated. Any experience recounted would be extremely helpful.

June 4, 2002, 12:20 PM
#4 is the best option & the one I chose for the near future. A big advantage is portability. The box is not permanently attached to anything & can be moved to closet, under bed, another room, another address, etc. I have the same box for 2 loaded pistols & the peace of mind is well-worth the price. I'm sure your wife will agree. It's much cheaper than my large 1,000 pound gun safe ($1,300.00). Access is very fast & kids can't open it.

June 4, 2002, 12:44 PM
I say mount it up high. By the time your kid is old enough to get to it, they are old enough to know not to touch it.

My two year old knows, "No touch. Daddy's gun." I let her touch the guns when I am holding them, other than that she knows not to. I've removed the mystery from them, so it isn't a big deal for her.

Most closest have a shelf on top. Place the muzzle on the shelf, wedge the butstock against the wall at an angle. Works for me.

June 4, 2002, 01:01 PM
I am number two and number three. I figure to use the pistol to get to the shotgun if need be. I've got thirty rounds and twenty feet to travel.


Dave McC
June 4, 2002, 02:38 PM
Over the closet door worked for me. By the time the kids were tall enough to get to it, they knew enough to leave it alone.

Both kids knew they could examine any firearm in the Casa with my permission and supervision. No mystery, no probs.

BTW, Son was about 9 and small for his age the first time he fired my GM. Next time someone mentions a 45's kick, think of that.

June 5, 2002, 01:22 AM
Up high, goet.

Cheapest current solution (lag in a gun rack towards the ceiling), keep in cruiser ready & no dressers close by. ;) Kids can get into the most unusual places!

Me too regards start 'em young, take the mystery out & it'll be no big deal by the time that youngun starts to turn from "the kid" into your shooting buddy.

Something to consider too is your threat level. Is your location in SLC such that you believe that a self defense weapon is a required piece of equipment?

Please, no flames on this one. I'm fortunate enough to live in an area where, during the summer, we usually don't even close the doors (makes for nice extra breezes), let alone lock 'em up at night when we're alsleep. Certainly, YMMV, & we absolutely do have a shooter or two handy ..... Boy Scout 'n all ...

June 5, 2002, 08:36 AM
Is your location in SLC such that you believe that a self defense weapon is a required piece of equipment?


Most citizens in SLC would disagree. I, however, see the daily numbers of violent crime roll past my desk. WAY tooooo much happens in this city that never makes the 6:00 news that I wish I had bars on my windows and steel core doors.

Salt Lake County filed charges on 5 Agg. Burgs, 25 burgs., 2 homicides, among other sundry charges of violence and sex. And that's just the county, not the state or the individual cities in the county.

June 5, 2002, 08:42 AM
Oh, yeah. Thanks for the replies. This is really bugging me. I think I will just do the cheap thing for now. My initial plan was to educate my children so I never have to fear them or their actions. I may not feel the same about their friends or other "uninvited" guests in my bedroom. So, maybe the gunvault is a later expense. Much later.

thanks for the input.

I'll head to the hardware store or a gun store to look at some gun rack options.

I wish I could get a quick access lock; something with a padded clamp that could be released with a 4 digit code.

June 5, 2002, 12:27 PM

June 5, 2002, 01:41 PM
BTW, Son was about 9 and small for his age the first time he fired my GM. Next time someone mentions a 45's kick, think of that.

Dad let my little brother fire his 357 when he was four. (Dad held a lot of it for him!). He grew up to know what a firearm is for and respected them.

June 5, 2002, 03:05 PM

Does that clamp allow for blockage of the action so I can leave the tube full?

Does anyone actually have one? Can it be fired or manipulated to fire?

If not, THANKS. I've been looking for a long time now.:D