View Full Version : What dream gun would you like to see gunmakers build?

October 26, 2000, 09:18 PM
We did this last year and it was kind of fun.

What new product would you like to see the gun makers build? What's your dream gun that nobody is making? What old gun would you like to see reserected? What nifty new concept gun do you want in the safe?

I'm also posting this to rifles & handguns.

October 26, 2000, 09:42 PM
Greetings from Texas, and interesting question! My personal favorite would be the Lefever side-by double barrel. A lovely and well-built sidelock, the Lefever is one of America's classics, and hard to find today. Steve Lamboy of Ithaca Classic Doubles (makers of the new NID models) has secured manufacturing rights to the Lefever gun, and has promised to resurrect it some day. Fingers crossed......
I'm thinking about a BE or CE Grade, 16 bore, 28" barrels. English stock and splinter forend. Case-colored sideplates with lovely engraving of a pointer with relief rose-and-scroll. Man, I want one! Thanks, OL

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Badger Arms
October 27, 2000, 12:06 AM
26.5" Bullpup Shotgun. Pump Action. Must be parkerized or Stainess and ballance over the pistol grip. No, I don't want any plastic softball bat of a contraption with wires and levers to make a full-sized shotgun into a bullpup. I want a Purpose designed gun. I'd prefer it be bottom ejecting for the lefties out there and be very trim and handy.

Here's why: You can load the gun with it still at the shoulder and pointing at your target. You can hip-shoot it and maneuver it in tight places without having your forearm sticking out behind the gun. You can put it in a police cruiser and remove it without it catching on everything on the way. (some of you will echo this one).

A South African gun of late was very handy in that it had side-by-side magazines and was actuated by a forward rather than rearward pump. Good concept but I'll pass.

Dave McC
October 27, 2000, 07:22 AM
A fun game. Lessee...

First, the pretty one. Maybe a Fox, possibly a Parker,built on the lightweight frame for 12 ga. Maybe a 16, this isn't for geese and malefactors. Straight grip, 28 inch,tubed bbls with a slightly swamped rib. Stock of sumptous wood, made to my dimensions, and an Old English pad. Little fancy stuff, just clean lines and graceful proportions, like Shaker furniture.Double triggers,well done checkering. A masterpiece of art that hunts.

Second, the unpretty,"Get me out of this mess" shotgun. Standard design, but with a straight stock,elevated sights, make it either pump or semi, 12 ga, a serious, purpose built social shotgun weighing around 9 lbs empty and costing less than $500 new.

October 27, 2000, 10:00 AM
An all stainless Rem870 with black matted finish,synthtic stock w/ adjustable comb, numerous barrels including 24" Rifled w/iron sights, 18"cylinder bore w/ ghost ring sights, 28" RemChoke, & 20" RemChoke, an optional trigger package and a supplied scope mount. All for $400 :D That is my ultimate, multipurpose all weather, hunting & defense shotgun.

Oleg Volk
October 27, 2000, 10:16 AM
Double-stack 12ga gas-operated shotgun along the general lines of AR ergonomics and AK gas system design. For all that I like the AR gas system, it might not work all that well with the variety of SG powders. Make the magazine 10 rounds, with a flip two-aperture sight (50m, 100m) and windage adjustments. Built-in polychoke on an 18.5" barrel. Basically a lean and mean close range unpleasantness delivery system. Pistol grip and deteach mag would make it run afoul of the govt. buggers though.

October 27, 2000, 01:07 PM
Oleg, someone's already made an AR-look-alike 12 gauge - the USAS - They're on the ATF's nasty list, along with the dreaded streetsweeper. A bud shot one at KCR a couple of years ago, and it rocked his world...

October 27, 2000, 07:36 PM
There was anothersemiauto shotgunprototype built by Smith and Wesson in the early 80s loosely modelled on the lines of an AR15 called the AS (Assault Shotgun) that had a 10 round staggered mag that fed to a single position. It was a very evi looking weapon, and I bet that Smith and Wesson was too shamed to put it into production for fear of all the owners that would become possessed by its evil looks. There were even plans to make full auto and burst fire versions of this shotgun. It seems so strange that it was suddenly dropped with no plans to manufacture, and no mention of problems in its design
There was another semiauto shotgun called the Winters SWATRIPLEX-18 and to be marketed by Consortium W that held two 9-round tubes of shells in the manner of the Southy African Neostead, but with the magazines over, not under the barrel. It too was very menacing and evil and could only darken the hearts of those who held it. It too never got beyond the development stage.
It would be nice to buy up the designs and production rights and create a company that produced shotuns like these that never saw the light of day (the H&K CAWS and AAI CAWS candidate would be other neat ones) on the commercial market.
But my tastes would be simple. If Remington could come out with copies of the USMC 870 Mark I combat shotgun and the 7180 semiauto combat shotguns(they can even use the 11-87 instead of the 1100 as a base--I'm not that hard to please), and both in collapsible stocked versions using the Sage International collapsible stock for truck/trunk guns (requiring the 11-87 to be modified, though I think it is possible), then I could be happy for a couple of months.
But I doubt Remington wants to do such a thing. After all, they are selling firearms that are able to hold 3-4, even 5 rounds and shoot them sequentially without more than 1 minute in time between being able to squeeze the trigger. Isn't that already stepping over the line of decency? Okay, enough of the sarcasm, I'm gonna get sick trying to speak the words of those who hate firearms.

October 27, 2000, 10:34 PM
A sg/rifle combo like the crossfire, only that doesn't suck like the crossfire.

I agree with Badger, the world needs a good affordable designed that way bullpup shotgun. Tube on top, ejects through bottom so it works for lefties also. Think about it. Whats the one thing that everybody complains about bullpup rifles? They suck to use off the other shoulder and you get gas blown back in your face. Well a pump shotgun has neither problem, so there you go!

And I want my Brother to have to pay to reblue my 870 from when he let it rust after borrowing it for duck hunting. :D

October 27, 2000, 11:01 PM
A Neostead preferably with a conventional pump action operation and a Holosight set up.

Whatever happened to the Neostead, it seemed a very viable L.E/Mil-Spec weapon, especially when you include the home defence market?

October 28, 2000, 09:16 AM
Bullpup config 12bore AK with raised rail, foregrip, bolt buffer, 12rnd mags.

October 28, 2000, 05:06 PM
Well, if we're talking purely shotguns (since this is the shotgun forum!), it would have to be the no longer made, and collectable High Standard model 10b (correct me if I got the model wrong.) I'd love to see a newer version made, freshened and troubleshooted.

October 28, 2000, 07:56 PM
since it is a dream gun i have to say a full auto gatling gun, preferably belt fet, with 48 inch barrel and 12 ga chambers cut to 3 1/2 inch magnum length. and the whole thing mounted to the roll bar on my truck, fed with shells loaded with a hot load of powder and #4 buck shot sized pellets of depleted uranium, alternated by cyanide coated fleshettes and high explosive grenades.
useful for nothing, but it sure sounds neat!

October 28, 2000, 11:07 PM
I would like to see a O/U w/hand ingravings that the general public could afford say $500 bucks. Stainless w/synthetic stocks.