View Full Version : Bought my first shotgun today

June 2, 2002, 10:33 PM
I've always owned handguns and I finally got a shotgun today. I don't know anything at all though, so any help would be appreciated. I got a Mossberg 590A1 with ghost ring sites.

I don't have any idea what type of ammo to get for home defense
(I live alone in an apartment) or what kind to practice with. Also, any advice anyone can give me, such as if I should buy a sling, or any other accessories would be greatly appreciated. Since I've never shot a shotgun, should I take a class. Any links out there that I should read? Thanks for any advice.

June 3, 2002, 10:53 AM
Well for a first shotgun you are starting out with one of the best pumps out there. I have the 590 security model with heatshield and plastic trigger group. Yours has a heavier duty barrel and a metal trigger group. You can shoot both 2 3/4 & 3 inch shells out of that gun. For HD work might I suggest getting a few boxes of different brand along with some posterboard and take the gun out somewhere you can try the different loads and pattern it a bit.I'd say bring some 2 3/4 #4 buckshot as well as some 2 3/4 00 and see what your more comfortable with. Once you get cozy with the 2 3/4 shells give some 3 inchers a try.I would get a sling for it, I put a super sling on mine.

June 4, 2002, 08:58 PM
Did you get the 18 1\2 or 20'' barrel? Iv'e got the 20'' and love it and found it to be more user friendly than any other shotgun i tried. As to ammo you need to try and find what it likes as most guns pattern different even among same model lines. I know i am going against the tide but i feel the mossberg is every bit as good as the 870,but you won't hear many say that. WP