View Full Version : Plus and minus on barrel mean what choke?

Arizona Eric
October 21, 2000, 01:36 AM
I just picked up a Miroku O/U at the local show. I figure it oughta be good since these are the same people who make the Citori.

But the barrels aren't marked for choke. The top barrel, where the gun breaks open, is marked with a plus sign. The bottom barrel is marked with a plus and minus sign.

Anyone know what I'm looking at? I suspect full and mod, but I'd like to be sure. Suppose I could pattern it, but that is almost WORK! ;)

October 23, 2000, 02:47 PM
Wow, this is a tough one. I perssonally am not familiar with Miroku markings but suspect that you are correct in your assumption that the top barrel is full and the Bottom is Mod.

One way to check if the 12 ga choke is full is to use a new dime. If the dime fits the choke is not full, if it does not fit the choke is full. This is of course totally unscientific and will give the gun gurus fits if they see it, but it works on my rem chokes and K80 chokes! You of course have to hold the dime in your fingers and measure the diameter lengthwise.

Geoff Ross