View Full Version : I hate the new 870s!

October 19, 2000, 05:21 PM
I took a look at an 870 yesterday. They managed to redesign the trigger assembly with this ridiculous safety device. What a piece of junk. They instantly lost a sale with this stupid contraption.

October 19, 2000, 09:23 PM
Does anyone know if the new "safer" safety can be replaced with the old style?

October 20, 2000, 02:00 AM
Well, I went ahead and bought my 870 with the "locking" safety. It's not so bad. Once it's unlocked, it's just like any other safety. Push on, push off. I understand that the safety can be replaced, but as for me, I just keep the thing unlocked.

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Dave McC
October 20, 2000, 06:58 AM
Guyon, there have been reports that the keyed safety has engaged during normal use, requiring the key to take it off. Bad idea in a "Serious" tool. Remington told me that the older safety is interchangeable, but they're not supplying any. Try aftermarket, or better yet...

870s have been made and sold since the early 1950s. QC has been, by and large, excellent, and the things seem impossible to wear out. Since Remington has decides to be both PC( Keyed safety and mag dimples) and cost effective(Plastic parts, elimination of the ball detent on some models), send them a message. Buy used!!

Lots of used 870s out there, most in great shape, and the aftermarket addons are in abundance. Find a good used one and enjoy...

Even tho I've 4 870s in the house, I may pick up another ASAP. Who knows what will happen after the coronation, uh, election....

October 20, 2000, 07:03 PM
Both vang Comp and Wilson's Scattergun Tech sell a variety of Big Head drop in safteys. My Border Patrol came with the keyed saftey and they shipped the replacement Big Head seperately. It seems they will manufacture and supply them, but they won't install them. It take less than a minute to swap the safteys.

Will Beararms
October 20, 2000, 10:41 PM
I see the merits of the safety, especially in a large Duck Hunting Camp where young people will be roaming about. The way I grew up, there were always a row of shotguns in the laundry room of Grandmother's at lunch time on Christmas and Thanksgiving since our family hunted together. In this scenario, the type of safety Remington has come out with is a good thing.

Certainly for a self-defense shot gun or a handgun I am defintely against an intergal safety device. The plastic part doesn't bother me and I actually see merits to it in rough environments. The key here is that Remington did of their own volition and not from a government mandate. Speaking of keys, I plan to keep an extra in my waders and one in my vehicle at all times as well as another in the boat. "Santa" just brought me a left-handed 870 Express 12 ga. 3" Magnum with the safety that everyone hates. If I find I don't like it, I'll just switch it out.

I have a Marlin 30-30 with the safety and I like it versus the older style without it.