View Full Version : $1.99 slugs take two.........

Al Thompson
October 15, 2000, 12:07 PM
Finally had a chance to shoot some of these today. More accurate than the Remingtons I used as a control. Seem to kick less.

Range was tight - 25 yards. Used a 870 w/rifle sights. Slugs blew through a piece of 6 x 8 kiln dried white spruce. This same piece of wood stopped .45/9mm handgun rounds (230/124 Gold Dots, 230/115 FMJ) Reinforced my belief that slugs are specialty items and not good for urban HD. The one slug I recovered from the backstop was not expanded and the nose was only slightly smeared.


Dave McC
October 16, 2000, 07:35 AM
Thanks for posting that, Giz. Expansion for game when the projectile starts out at 3/4" is moot.

Again, HD utilization of slugs is seldom called for.

If things aren't too busy Sunday, I may return to the range with my HD 870 and see how these KO Brennekes group in that piece. The 2 3/4" Rottweil Brennekes are the slug of choice historically, in this one. This is not for HD, this 870 is also one excellent deer gun for shots up to 50 yards,and I like to keep it zeroed in case the deer 870 goes south for some strange and freakish reason.

I'll post if I get to the range.