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May 29, 2002, 01:33 PM
I am in the process of making a gun cabinet for a client of mine. My problem is with the pistol rack.It is located at the top of the cabinet. I an disigning a pull down,arouted recess for the butt,a saddle for the barrel and some sort of keeper to hold the pistol in place. Any ideas or suggestions?I don't have a digital camera or I would show you guys what I have so far. Thanks

May 29, 2002, 02:52 PM
I might have the wrong mental picture from your description. But if you have a recess for the butt of the gun, is it sitting down in a hole? Use felt or something to get a friction fit. The saddle for the barrel could be made a bit deep so that the gun can not go sideways, the butt keeps it from going backwards as well. So something to keep it from moving upwards is what you would be after I guess.

Depending on what you want, short dowel rods made to slide into place would work, velcro with snaps like some of the uncle mikes adjustable holsters.

I was planning to do something similar and make two or three dowel rods, so if you are removing one gun it is not a big deal. If you use metal rod with padding you could make it lockable.

Basically I was wanting to have the gun sit like you are holding it, with the bott in a friction fit, the barrel in a padded friction fit, and a dowel rod across the top towards the back so you could not lift the gun out of the part holding the butt.

I would love pictures of the inside of the finished product as I was amazed by the other gun cabinet someone posted on this site. Matter of fact I might go look for that as it made me want a nice gun cabinet. :(

May 29, 2002, 05:46 PM
Thanks biere,
I wanted to make the pistol gallery a little more generic. My client has his inventory out of state,and besides"all butts are not created equal"I'm not sure if a friction fit could apply as the pistols might change places etc.Thanks for your imput. I'll try to keep you all posted.,rat

May 31, 2002, 10:34 AM
I prefer the safes with the inside of the door covered with cloth & velcro'd on holsters. When you open the door, all the pistols are easy to see and grab. It can also hold many more pistols & makes a very nice display. This is on my friend's safe so I'm trying to go from memory.

>>"all butts are not created equal"<<
This jerk radio host I sometimes listen to was deriding Goldie Hawn & called her "Miss Goldie Good Butt". That was so funny!

June 1, 2002, 04:09 PM
Well I never considered needing to change stuff.

If you had a reasonable concept of if it was a large or small auto or revolver, you could make a proper sized hole and go with some foam and felt for a generic fit.

Example, I have glocks. So 9mm and all other small framed stuff has different length butts, but all same dimensions other than that. And the large frames are the same as well, so I could make a hole to fit all 10mm or 45acp glocks, except the funky 36.

1911 types are roughly close in size.

My ruger revolvers are close as well, redhawks and even super blackhawk could wind up in same hole with right amount of padding covered with felt.

I often go to home depot and look around, you might look at some of the systems mechanics use for holding tools in tool boxes as sometimes they roll the box around everything needs to remain in place.

I also have to say fabric stores often give me ideas, I love being able to just buy a roll of fabric and make something that looks like it cost a few hundred bucks. This is for lining cabinets and stuff to cover the cheap plywood or whatever I used to make it. Good wood is expensive.

Just rambling and tossing ideas.