View Full Version : Anyone else had problems with Solstace Arms ???

Ought Six
May 28, 2002, 05:04 PM
I sent a milled receiver and an RPK parts kit to Solstace Arms in Novermber 2000. The gun wasn't assembled for a year. I can let that slide, as the gunmsith had serious family problems to deal with. However, the rifle has been ready to ship since November 2001. I can't get through on the phone at all. Every time I email, I get repeated assurances it will be shipped right away, but I still don't have it. This has gone beyond the ridiculous and into the bizzare. I'm now looking for a cheap airfare to Kansas to deal with this problem in person (which I can't really afford, but must do anyways).

Has anyone else here experinced these kinds of problems with Solstace Arms, or is it just me ??? :(