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May 24, 2002, 03:51 PM
Been thinking about good customer service. Like many of you, I can be pretty vocal when I feel I’m not being treated right by a vendor. Thought it was time I publicly acknowledged some folks who not only have quality products, but good customer service as well.

Kudos go to Lou Alessi and Sidearmor for their quality holsters and excellent customer service they have given me. Both also take the time to maintain an Internet presence, and remain available to answer questions for those of us who frequent the gun boards.

Added to the list for me is Steve Schafer of Rafter S Gunleather. I decided to try his product for the first time. Called and discussed my needs, including a request to modify the cant to my specification. All my questions were answered so I placed the order. When the holster arrived I noticed a few things. The workmanship was very good, the extra cant was there, and the holster fit and functioned perfectly. Unfortunately, the color was not what I had expected at all (much lighter than I thought it would be). Since the holster worked so well for me and was an IWB design, I decided to keep it, and modified the color slightly with some good shoe polish to better suit my taste.

After thinking about it I decided to email Steve and comment about the unexpected color. Also told him that I had tried coloring the holster myself. Well, got a prompt email reply that basically said he was sorry I was disappointed and wanted me to be satisfied. He then offered me a full refund or exchange for a black holster, my choice, even though I had already messed with the holster. Thanks, Steve, for the offer, but you’re not getting this holster back. It fits and works too well for me to part with it! :)

Life is good with folks like Lou Alessi, Sidearmor, and Rafter S Gunleather out there. :cool:

May 25, 2002, 08:44 PM
In no special order;
SDM Fabricating
Cheaper Than Dirt

All have provided the product I've ordered and at the price specified.

Just off the top of my head.

mark mcj