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May 18, 2002, 08:02 PM
I compete in steel competitions. The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is to spend an hour cleaning your guns for the next day of shooting. So I developed Gun Magic to allow me to clean my guns without scrubbing and using minimal effort. One of the ingredients in Gun Magic is specifically there to target and loosen the debris in the most minute areas. It has another ingredient to prevent it from adhearing back to the part.

Here's how I use it:

After I remove the grips I soak my guns in Gun Magic. Later, I pull them out of the solution and let them drip for a few seconds. Resubmerge them and pull them from the solution again. This allows all of the loosened debris to run out of the gun.

I then do a field level disassembly of the gun and wipe the parts with a clean rag, or sometimes just blow it out with an airhose. Any gunpowder or carbon residue is easily and throughly removed. Gun Magic leaves all internal parts perfectly lubricated and coated with metal conditioner that helps prevent wear. It is also will rust protected for up to two years with just one application.

Because you actually soak the gun in the solution the debris floats out of the gun and collects into the bottom of the container. You do not stir the solution. Let it settle and the debris will stay trapped at the bottom of the container. Over time you can pour the solution into another container and leave the sludge that has collected in the bottom behind.

As far as copper fouling goes Gun Magic has nothing in it to remove copper fouling. It does however have an agent with teflon like properties that helps reduce and almost eliminate both copper and lead fouling from accumulating to begin with.

Gun Magic is very gun friendly. It will not harm tritum or mepro night sights. It will not harm the white lettering or the white ring around the nights sights.

It is Poly friendly as well.

I have soaked my Poly CZ75's. My kimbers, My Springfield TRP and the only thing they got was really well cleaned.

It really does a great job of cleaning and protecting my guns. I just had to share it with the rest of the planet.

The one gallon container is $25.00. The two gallon container is 49.95. The one gallon size can clean two medium sized guns at the same time. The two gallon container can clean up to three large autos at the same time.

If you are imterested send me an e-mail to [email protected] and the shipping address so I can get the specific shipping costs and send you an exact total.

George Hill
May 19, 2002, 03:51 PM
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