View Full Version : SOE Gear, Eagle Ind, Lightfighter Review

May 17, 2002, 12:17 AM
Got an SOE Gear Patrol Pouch and an Eagle Triple Kydex magpouch.

SOE: Thing is really well thought out and works good. Fits 4 politically correct 10-round magazines, but the ones at the bottom are hard to dig out in a hurry, so 3 works fine. The pistol magpouches on the side fit both USP .45 Compact mags and Beretta magazines, which is a plus for me. The main compartment is held shut with velcro, and there is a buckle for extra retention. I guess for when I HALO out or something! It is adjustable, it's supposed to fit 3 M4 magazines or 2 full capacity .308 magazines (neither I have on me at the moment). It is also the right length to drop 12ga shells in there. THey make this thing called a 'shotshell insert pouch' that is supposed to be a piece of scuba webbing that holds 18 shells in place. I have no idea what the heck it is, and Brad didn't have any in yet, and SOE didn't have any on their site. So I dropped 20 shells in there. They seem to fit well, and I will give it a shot at my next 2-gun match. Retention doesn't seem to be a problem, at least no more than the Choate shellshuckers, since it velcro's shut, and has the clip for extra extra retention.

Eagle: Overall, appears to be better constructed than the few items from Blackhawk I have (.308 magpouch and 25-rd shotshell pouch). I bought it for my Beretta, but the kydex inserts are REALLY REALLY tight. I gotta yank like a mofo and can't seem to get it out with one hand. My Beretta mags have the oversized basepads, so with the retention loop on top, the velcro is barely holding on. Not a problem with the standard basepads.

Wish the thing was a little looser, I have to yank real hard. I don't a good 2" belt to put it on yet, they're backordered. I guess all those other size 28" waist guys out chasing Osama in the desert or something...doesn't fit 45 mags either...a universal magpouch would have been good, but I guess I'll hit up brad for some that'll fit my future KZ and my USP 45C.

Brad was a real pleasant guy to deal w/ over the phone. Clear communications, knows his stuff, not afraid to point you in the right direction, or steer you away from bad ones. Thanks, Brad! You so tactical! :)