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May 16, 2002, 02:57 AM
Recently completed my first season of turkey hunting, and I thought I'd share my successes with the TFL'ers here. I hunted a couple of times last season with my uncles down in Georgia--just enough to figure out the basics. I used those basics this year and wound up taking two birds, a jake and a tom.

The jake was harvested on April 24th at 11:15. I had just changed positions and called for about 15 minutes on and off. I was using soft yelps and purrs. I had just fallen quiet when I saw this bird slipping in from my right. He never made a sound. In fact, I didn't hear a single gobble that day. As soon as he went behind a tree though, I got my gun up and when he stepped out on the other side, I dropped him. He went 13 1/4 lbs. and had a 4 1/2" beard.

The tom was shot on May 3 at 6:05. He was the result of an earlier hunting effort. I'd gotten this bird to gobble before, but the first time I raised him, he wandered off in the opposite direction, probably with hens. When I went back about a week later to hunt him, I came at his roost from a different direction. I hoot-owled and he half gobbled, so I started into the woods in his direction. One more hoot and resulting gobble gave me a better bearing on his direction, and I eased closer to his roost. Then a woodpecker sounded off, and he gobbled again pretty loudly. Scared that I'd spook him, I decided to go ahead and set up, so I put my decoy about 20 yards out, and settled in to call. A few purrs, low yelps, and some leaf scratching got his attention, and he flew down and began to gobble some more. The gobbling faded a bit, and I thought this bird had wandered off again. So I purred a little more and then shut up. He knew where I was, and I figured that if he was going to come, he was going to come. At about 6:00, he saw my decoy and gobbled right on top of me, and I eased my gun up. The bird slipped in perfectly from my left and was moving toward my decoy in full strut when I got him. He went 18 lbs. and had spurs of 3/4" and 15/16". This tom was triple-bearded and had beards of 9 3/4", 3 5/8", and 1 1/2". Probably a two-year old judging from his spurs.

Both birds were taken with a matte black Remington 870 Express Super Magnum with an XF Star Dot Choke and Tru Glo fiber optic sights. I used 3 inch, 6 shot Winchester Supreme HV turkey loads.

May 16, 2002, 06:56 AM
Great job. Congratulations! :D

Art Eatman
May 16, 2002, 07:42 AM
Great! Next you can give us a report on comparative tenderness.

:), Art

May 23, 2002, 02:58 PM
Thanks guys. Since I was clueless on how to cook these birds, both breasts are in the freezer right now. Any tips on the best way to cook 'em?

Jack Straw
May 23, 2002, 03:09 PM
Congratulations! Ain't turkey hunting a hoot?

I like to cut the breast into fingers and fry it just like I would chicken fingers. Pick up a can of creole seasoning and sprinkle the meat with it. Then soak it in buttermilk for a while. Dredge it in flour and toss into a skillet of hot oil. Good stuff. :D Just don't over cook it!