View Full Version : What's a "light contour" barrel?

White Rabbit
August 10, 2000, 12:10 AM
Saw this on the side of a Remington 11-87 today. Had no idea what it meant.



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August 10, 2000, 12:15 AM
From what I've been told in a previous thread that i started, it Means that the barrel is slimmer, has less metal, weighs less, and will swing and point easier than a standard barrel.

Dave McC
August 10, 2000, 06:42 AM
WR, yup,what Kilgor said, except...

How the piece swings is a very personal choice kinda thing. For most clay sports, I'd like a more muzzle heavy swing than I would on a hunting shotgun, especially one for woodcock, grouse, quail,etc.OTOH, most clays guns, properly choked, do well as dove guns, or on late season pheasants.

I countered the lighter front end of my bird 870 with its' 21" bbl by hogging out some wood to keep the balance point between the hands.The shotguns with LC bbls might need the same treatment in my hands, if not yours.