View Full Version : Hogue CompStock Shotgun Stock

Mr. Pub
August 1, 2000, 08:47 AM
Has anyone tried or heard of anyone who has tried the Hogue CompStock Compensating Overmolded Shotgun stock? Here is the link, look under shotgun stocks http://getgrip.com/main.html

I did a search on this and it seems the question gets asked once a year without reply. This stock claims to reduce recoil 55%. Seems like something useful for a 12 ga. shotgun.

Any opinions on this?

A gimmick or a useful tool?

Gary H
August 1, 2000, 10:32 AM
I was looking at the very same stock yesterday. Does the recoil reduction somehow disconnect you from the gun and make the shooting base less certain? Another question that comes to mind is with regards to the forearm. Does it clear a six round sidesaddle on the 870?

Gary H
August 1, 2000, 10:38 AM
Did a search and came up with this:

Dave McC
August 1, 2000, 06:41 PM
Gimmick,probably. It MAY work fine, but it looks complicated.

Technology cannot substitute for expertise. If the money spent on that stock were put into, ammo, range fees and maybe even a lesson or two, my guess is you'd be better off.

Shooting a shotgun is like sex,if it hurts, you're doing it wrong. Poor form and poor fit are the most common problems with shooting the shotgun, and adding to that is touching off a Testosterone Special load in a 12 ga shotgun weighing less than 7 lbs.

If you're shooting a load suited to the weapon, have good fit and form, and the back end of your reasonably heavy shotgun has a decent pad,recoil won't be a problem.